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What could a 10% decrease in cell count add to your bottom line?

How much is mastitis costing your business?

Using data that should be readily available on farm, the MSD Animal Health cost calculator will help you take informed decisions about mastitis control and investment.

As a leading provider of treatments and services, we’ve produced this tool to enable you to manage mastitis more effectively. Remember the figures it gives are estimates and veterinary guidance is always advisable.

How to use the calculator

This site provides a simple demonstration of the likely costs of disease on farm. Although some assumptions are made, wherever possible these costs are based on accepted industry standards and values. The calculations are customised for the particular unit. Cost-benefit appraisals such as these help in the selection of the best plan for improvements, but please note that neither MSD Animal Health nor its agents can accept liability for any actions taken as a result of use of this site.