How to use the calculator

The cost calculator is designed to be flexible and impartial. You can easily change the figures to see the impact of different strategies on profits.

  • Enter your information – the calculator will estimate the total cost of mastitis
  • Print a Summary sheet – this will generate realistic target figures
  • Reprint the Summary as many times as you like using a range of parameters and targets
  • Talk to your vet about the options for modifying your mastitis control methods

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Vet’s view

After 20 years of work as a dairy veterinary practitioner in the South West, I am still aware of how difficult it can be to define and demonstrate the true costs of mastitis. However, on many farms, the short-term cost and expenditure often seem to win the day against any predicted gains!

Cost-benefit analysis and target setting are proven in mastitis management; hopefully this calculator will help direct investment to improve longer-term rewards.

Peter Gripper MRCVS